About Oro Agri SEZC Limited

Oro Agri SEZC Limited was incorporated in the Cayman Islands as an exempted limited company on 12 January 2006 and later re-registered as a special economic zone company on 17 October 2013.  The Company is a global organization dedicated to developing and marketing environmental friendly, high margin, crop protection, liquid foliar fertilizers, plant nutrients and soil conditioners for agriculture as well as lawn and garden applications.

The group operates worldwide with its products sold in more than 75 countries. Oro Agri SEZC Limited is the holding company of the Oro Agri Group of companies and holds a direct controlling interest in Oro Agri Inc, the Group’s main operating company for sales and distribution activities in North America, and in Oro Agri International Ltd, the Group’s main operating company for international sales and distribution activities outside of North America and product manufacturing in Brazil and Europe. In addition to the operations of Oro Agri Inc and Oro Agri International, all the Group’s operations in Sub Sahara Africa are conducted through Oro Agri SA (Pty) Ltd.

Oro Agri Inc, Oro Agri SEZC Limited and Oro Agri International Ltd own minority positions of the issued shares of Oro Agri SA (Pty) Ltd.

The group also consists of other holding and operating companies not listed here.