Promotion of Access to Information Act (Act 2 of 2000)
(Relevant to South Africa only)

In terms of the Section 32 of the South African Constitution everyone has the the right of access to information held by the state and other persons or institutions. The Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (‘PAIA’) provides the framework and procedures for the exercise of the constitutional right to information. The South African Human Rights Commission (‘SAHRC’) plays a key role in the implementation of PAIA. All pertinent information about PAIA, including access to PAIA itself and regulations made under it, is available on the SAHRC’s website.

Oro Agri (SA) (Pty) Ltd (OASA) is fully committed to the implementation of PAIA in a positive and proactive manner in order to ensure that information under its control is available and accessible, and thus to give effect to the letter and spirit of the fundamental right of access to information and of the constitutional principles governing public administration.

PAIA applies to all recorded information under the control of OASA, and, if properly applied, will promote transparency, accountability and effective governance at OASA. It goes without saying that a company such as OASA will have a large and diverse number of records, some of which are publicly available and some of which are not. PAIA contains an elaborate set of provisions regulating the circumstances under which access to university records which are not publicly available must and may be refused.
In terms of PAIA, the Principal is the Information Officer (IO) of OASA. In order to give optimal effect to PAIA, the IO may designate Deputy Information Officers (DIOs) in OASA. This will be done in due course.
Any request for access to records held by OASA must be made on the prescribed form - Form A. The form is obtainable from OASA Legal Advisor’s at

Relevant information and forms

•    Promotion of Access to Information Act (PDF)
•    Link to Promotion of Access to Information Act
•    Guidelines to understanding and use of the PAIA (PDF)  -
•    Oro Agri (SA) (Pty) Ltd PAIA Manual
•    Forms
o    Form A - Request form (PDF)
o    Form B  - Internal Appeal Form (PDF)
o    Form C - Fee Structure (PDF)