Oro Agri International Ltd and UK crop specialists Hutchinsons have reached an agreement to distribute Oro Agri products, WETCIT and TRANSFORMER, into the UK market. Originally developed in South Africa, both products incorporate the company’s unique proprietary OROWET technology which is patented in various countries worldwide. WETCIT is an adjuvant that effectively reduces the surface tension of water, therefore improving the spread and coverage on all plant surfaces and plant canopies. Used as a wetting agent, WETCIT bridges several other adjuvant technologies and can often be used to replace mineral and crop oils, as well as non-ionic surfactants and organosilicone wetters. WETCIT is biodegradable so it poses very little risk to the environment and its low toxicity means that it is safer for the spray operator. TRANSFORMER is a soil conditioner that helps to prepare the soil by improving water infiltration and distribution, resulting in optimal soil moisture conditions. As a result, the use of TRANSFORMER produces an environment in the soil that is more favourable for root development and beneficial organisms.

“We are very excited about taking on these products from Oro Agri as they are new to the UK market and have excellent green credentials,” says Hutchinsons Director, Mike Hutchinson. “WETCIT and TRANSFORMER have already undergone extensive trials around the world. They are well researched and proven in the USA and in many European countries, which are significant markets. They are also standard treatments in many countries and that certainly adds to their credibility.” “Our intention is to offer WETCIT for use as a wetter to help in drift reduction and to reduce drying time. Rapid drying minimises the risk of disease development due to free moisture on the foliage. Our main focus will therefore be in those crops where these attributes are important. Whilst it is clear that a key target will be horticultural crops, as well as potatoes and root crops, I see big opportunities in the soft fruit market and of course we can foresee applications in cereals and other combinable crops.”

Although Oro Agri products are available in other European countries this is the first time that UK farmers and growers will have the benefit of using them. “Product is now in stock with Hutchinsons,” advises Carol Pullen, General Manager Europe, Oro Agri International Ltd. “We are delighted that Hutchinsons – which is at the front line of UK agriculture and horticulture – has seen the benefits of our products and is keen to offer them to farmers and growers. They are going to test the products to ensure that the right positioning is understood for the different crops. Although WETCIT and TRANSFORMER are the first products offered for the UK market, Oro Agri now has Annex 1 approval for Orange Oil active in Europe. We are therefore looking forward to supplying PREV-AM which is both an insecticide and fungicide, to Hutchinsons as soon as UK registration is received.”

Carol Pullen, General Manager Europe, Oro Agri International Ltd (left), agrees UK distribution deal with Mike Hutchinson, Director, Hutchinsons (right).