Oro Agri International Ltd, is pleased to announce that it has gained approval for its biopesticide, PREV-AM Plus in Italy. Shortlisted in the 2014 Agrow awards as best new biopesticide, PREV-AM Plus will be welcomed by Italian growers who are currently faced with the prospect of many products, with older chemistries, being withdrawn from the shelves by the authorities. The product will be available exclusively through NUFARM Italia.

Based on organically sourced active Orange Oil, this eco-friendly biopesticide has been found to provide all-in-one insecticidal and fungicidal activity on a wide range of crops including olives, grapes and citrus fruits.

As PREV-AM Plus rapidly biodegrades it is not persistent in the environment and is therefore an excellent partner in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes, helping in resistance management and providing minimal impact on beneficial insects.

Available in 5 litre packs, PREV-AM Plus contains 60g/litre Orange Oil and  can be applied in various doses, depending on crop variety. Applications can be made every seven to ten days up to a maximum of six treatments per season.

PREV-AM, with multiple patents issued and / or pending in most major agricultural countries, is currently registered for use in ten countries with many applications pending around the world. More registrations are expected to be granted in other EU countries in the near future, now that Orange Oil has been formally listed under Annex 1 in Europe.

PREV-AM is a registered trademark of Oro Agri International Ltd

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