ORO AGRI International Ltd has appointed Martien Melissant as its Business Development Manager and Technical Support for Benelux. He will focus the company’s efforts in supporting the Company’s existing products in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs in the region and in developing future new products.

Martien Melissant, Business Development Manager and Technical Support for Benelux

“Martien has over 30 years’ experience in agriculture and horticulture and is widely skilled in fertilisers, biopesticides, biostimulants and biocides,” explains Ms. Carol Pullen, General Manager Europe. “The skills he brings will provide the necessary support to develop ORO AGRI products in the region, especially on new emerging pests and diseases that are affecting Europe.”

ORO AGRI is part of the Omnia Group which develops, manufactures and distributes agricultural “soft chemistry” products which fall under the organic, sustainable or environmentally friendly categories and are distributed to more than 80 countries worldwide. ORO AGRI products include PREV-AM – an Orange Oil active based biopesticide providing insecticide, fungicide and miticide efficacy; WETCIT – adjuvant; TRANSFORMER – a soil conditioner and FERTICOAT, ORO-MATE 26 and OROBAC-P biostimulants.

“ORO AGRI is a dynamic and innovative company developing sustainable and effective ‘green’ crop protection and yield enhancement solutions for our farmers and growers,” says Martien. “Joining the ORO AGRI team is a great opportunity for me to implement the company’s strategy and promote the unique benefits of ORO AGRI products and support the development of new innovative solutions.”


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Oro Agri International (A member of the Omnia Group www.omnia.co.za) develops and manufactures innovative biorational products using OROWET® technology for agricultural, turf and ornamental, and industrial applications worldwide. Established in 2001, the ORO AGRI Group started with a single product and has expanded its product range as well as its global presence. Today, the company serves customers in over 80 countries. The vision of the company is to grow shareholder value through continual innovation, development and commercialization of a broad range of highly effective, low environmental impact, biorational products providing competitive solutions to serve growers’ increasing needs to enhance yields and sustain crop health.

Oro Agri expands in Benelux