Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property strategic management is at the heart of the ORO AGRI operations. Our intellectual property development and management initiatives enable us to identify and perfect the intellectual property rights we possess.  This enables us to continue to develop and expand as the opportunities come along, and to leverage our IP rights to its fullest potential. Our effective intellectual property approach incorporates the technological, management and commercial facets of ORO AGRI which allow for a comprehensive policy to evaluate, protect and best use our ideas and developments related to existing, new and improving products and processes and proprietary information relating to the ORO AGRI business.

IP Strategy

We follow a holistic approach: we have the ability to define and understand the value contained in our IP paving the way toward the creation of a comprehensive, structured and informed patent strategy.

  • IP Value covers multiple dimensions:

    • Alignment with organizational needs and strategy

    • Strength of the patent/patent portfolio

    • Opportunity window

    • Customer value


Innovation/new ideas are protected by patents covering application in the field, new use, new methods and new formulations.


Our OROWET technology is enhanced by our product brand protection strategy through various product brands covering our diverse product offering.